Sunday, September 7, 2014

Putting Your Money on Red Week 1 (Fantasy Football Picks)

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, it's opening day in the NFL. Nothing but football from the moment I open my eyes until I go to sleep...sounds like heaven to me.

Besides the football games itself, the thing I love most about FootballDay (I won't be calling it Sunday until February) is Fantasy Football.

Most people tune into ESPN, NFL Network, FOX, CBS (ok no one under 50 watches CBS) for the latest fantasy advice, and years of watching these "fantasy experts" has made me believe I'm just as smart as these hacks, so I'm going to prove it.

I actually filmed a video explaining my start ems and sit ems, but I didn't realize how long it takes to upload the video, so I promise next week this feature will be in video form.

But here's my list of start em's and sit ems'.



Andrew Luck- Indy
Colin Kaepernick- SF
Carson Palmer- Ari
Derek Carr-Oak


Arian Foster-Hou
Matt Forte-Chic
Toby Gerhart-Jax
Mark Ingram- NO

Emmanuel Sanders- Den
Vincent Jackson-TB
Pierre Garcon- Wash
James Jones Oak


Vernon Davis- SF
Denis Pitta- Bal
Zach Ertz-Phil
LaDarius Green-SD


New Orleans Saints
Arizona Cardinals
Tampa Bay Bucaneers
Detroit Lions

Sit ems


Phil Rivers- San Di
Cam Newton- Car
Brian Hoyer- Clev

Steven Jackson-Atl
Maurice Jones-Drew Jax
Bernard Pierce- Bal

Keenan Allen- SD
Sammy Watkins- Buf
Kelvin Benjamin- Car


Antonio Gates- SD
Eric Ebron- Det
Jared Cook- St.L


Washington Redskins
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers

Thursday, September 4, 2014

2014 NFL Predictions

Ever since I was a little kid I've always made predictions for the major sporting leagues (I count the CFL as major league in this case).

So feel free to take a look at these picks and laugh now, trust me it's funnier looking back at them in about 6 months.

Predicted Regular season standings

AFC East
1. New England-- Another year on top, but the gap is closing.
2. NY Jets-- At this point I'm more worried about their secondary than their offence
3 Miami- If their offense improves, might push for a wildcard
4. Buffalo- Unless Watkins is the new Megatron, their trade with Clev. will look incredibly stupid


1. Cincinnati- I like this team in the regular season. Playoffs though...
2.  *Baltimore- A bounce back year for the Ravens.  
3. Pittsburgh- If there's a team that reeks 8-8, it's this one.
4. Cleveland- Wouldn't be surprised if they traded Manziel with 2 first rounders in is Cleveland remember, and I'm sure Jerry would listen.


1. Indy-- Andrew Luck is going to have an MVP type season
2. *Houston- I'm predicting Mallett takes over by Week 6
3. Jacksonville- Next year could be the Jags breakout year.
4. Tennessee- Possible landing spot for Winston or Mariota if they declare.


1. Denver- Probably the best record in the regular season.
2. Oakland- Only reason I think this, is because Carr is starting at QB and not Schaub.
3. San Diego- Not sold on the Chargers D
4. Kansas City-  Let's see how KC handles a tougher schedule.


1.Philadelphia- The Eagles won't miss a beat. 
2.Washington- Their offence is going to be good this year..not sure about their D.
3. NY Giants- The Giants are going to break the trend being good every second year.
4. Dallas- How is this D going to be better when they got rid of their best player.


1.Green Bay- Only question I have on this team is their secondary.
2.*Chicago- The D is going to be better, the offence will still be good
3 Detroit- Should've made the playoffs last year. Not going to this year again
4.Minnesota- Wouldn't be surprised if AP is traded after this season.


1.New Orleans- Best record in the NFC
2. Tampa Bay- A sleeper pick of mine, but I like their offence and their D will be a lot better
3. Carolina- Unless Cam Newton is the MVP, I can't see a return trip to the playoffs
4. Atlanta- Defense wins championships, and this isn't even close to a championship D.


1. San Fran- If they stay afloat early, the returns of Bowman and Aldon will spark this team
2. *Seattle- I like Russell Wilson, would cheer for the guy on probably any other team
3. Arizona- Carson Palmer isn't a playoff QB
4. St. Louis- Shaun Hill and Case Keenum ain't taking you to the playoffs in this division.


New England beats Houston
Baltimore beats Cincinnati
Indy over New England
Denver over Baltimore
Indy over Denver


Philly over Chicago
Seattle over Green Bay
San Fran over Philly
Seattle over New Orleans
San Fran over Seattle

Super Bowl

San Fran over Indy

Off Player Andrew Luck
Def Player JJ Watt

Off Rookie- Derek Carr
Def Rookie- JaDeveon Clowney 

Enjoy the season everyone..

Rediscovering a Passion

How long can a writer’s block last? Judging by this blog you can tell that mine has now lasted for a year. When I moved back to Humboldt, I was initially going to continue blogging except I couldn’t figure out what the heck I was going to write about. I didn’t feel like I could blog on the local sports scene because I’m not connected to the sports scene like I was when I was working as a play by play announcer.

If you know me, sports are a big part of my life, and you shouldn’t fight your passion in life, you should embrace it as much as you can. I admit for months I was ready to start blogging again, I kept thinking who the hell really cares what I think? Truth is I still think about that question, but I realized it doesn’t matter, and it's pointless just thinking about it. I just want to express my thoughts about the sporting world and resume an old hobby. 

I’m not sure how often I will blog, but I’m going to do some different things on the blog. I’ve got some ideas, and while I don’t have a clear direction where I am going, I look forward to the creative freedom I experience when working on the blog. 

So feel free to continue reading on the blog, my next posting will be my thoughts about the NFL season and my predictions. 

This blog is going to be more of what the title implicates..My 2 Cents... It's just going to be more of my 2 cents on the sporting world, and soon enough I just may provide my 2 cents outside of sports.

I’m going to close with a quote from one of my favorite athletes of all time, Michael Jordan.

I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.